Where it's all in the name

2L Family Pack: Get up to 5 bags for $18 each

  • 100% Submersible + Sun Bleach Resistant

  • Puncture Proof material

  • 10,000+ happy outdoor loving customers

  • 30-Day Money back guarantee

What's included in every order?

Not only will you get at least 3+ bags per order, but you will automatically receive:

• Adjustable shoulder straps (x1 for each bag)

• 7-10 Day Free Shipping

• 60-Day Warranty

Water isn't the only thing we protect from

Being outdoors can either be the most relaxing day... or the most stressful.

Get rid of those huge hiking bags, ice chests, and "waterproof" spray!

With the WaterProof bag, you can stop thinking about the million reasons that something could go wrong and truly enjoy time out on the water!

How the WP Bag Works

1. Stuff it with all your clothes/pocket items, roll it tight, and clip the top for a secure trip out!

2. It can handle up to 30 pounds while still floating on top of the water!

3. When you're getting ready to leave, simply roll it up to the size of an iPhone and you're good to go.